Yvonne Coakes

I have to say I am quite disappointed in reading the previous reviews as my experience was the complete opposite. After shopping at several different dealerships Mitsubishi was the only place that went above and beyond in regards to customer service, to the point in which there were two separate occasions where a staff member held the door open for me and greeted me with a smile. In addition, they were the only dealership in town that made a follow up phone call to me the next day and even offered to pick me up from my home when the weather was cold and roads were icy to test drive more vehicles. They were very energetic, fun, helpful and honest in regards to the realities of staying within my budget and negotiated some “extras” to ensure I was happy. To top it off, all off the sales staff including the GM congratulated me on my purchase with a fun song and dance, even though I was teasing and said they had to sing to me in order for me to sign on the dotted line:). I am hoping that my positive experience continues in the future and can stand behind my 5 star rating.